Dance teacher, Prinipal, Artistic director

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Master of Arts (University of Arts Helsinki) and Dance teacher (Turku University of Applied Sciences)

Katja is the founder and artistic director of Hurja Piruetti. She has over 20 years of experience of working with children, youth and adults, as well as with people with disabilities.

“For me the most important thing about teaching is to bring out that spark for dance, expression and diversity of art. Familiarising myself with different art forms and using that knowledge to compose new is an organic way of working for me. Processing through the body, indulging in dance together, without forgetting some pirouettes...”

At Hurja Piruetti Katja teaches

contemporary dance, classes for the adults, 60+ classes and DANCE, and oversees Special Education groups, education of people with disabilities, and international relations

Dance teacher

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Dance teacher (BA)/ Turku University of Applied Sciences 2000
Master of arts (MA), Dance teacher / University of arts Helsinki 2007

”Joy of dancing and doing together are the most important things for me when it comes to teaching classes. A dance class can be a break from the everyday life or a wonderful training session in good compnay. It can also be an explorative journey into bodily expression, or strict technical finetuning. In my classes technical training as well as expression, joy and letting go with the means of dance walk hand-in-hand. With the words of Ernst Bacon: ” Dancing is poetry of the body.”

At Hurja Piruetti Ulla teaches

SE-group, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary dance, Super ballet, Ladies-classes, Dancemix and children’s classes. In addition, Ulla works as the student advisor and is responsible for mentoring the final projects of dancers graduating from the advanced dance studies of Basic education in arts.

Dance teacher

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Jenny is a mum-of-four, whose interest for dance started as a 3-year-old in Ethel Gustaffson’s ballet school. In 1995 she went on to study dance in VNF. Jenny has been part of the Young Culture Ambassadors group performing internationally, as well as participated as a choreographer in different projects. Through hobbies in sports and her work in the health care in the last 15 years, she has worked with people of all the different ages. Jenny is a qualified masseuse and a practical nurse, which led to a nurse’s degree in 2016. To give all her students the chance realise their dreams is where her passion lies, as well as in the interest to combine dance and health care as she sees it is important that the patient is seen as a whole.

”The best thing about Hurja Piruetti is the sense of community that is built through dance. The dance school gives everyone a chance to participate. For me dance is so much more than just dance, and I think anyone regardless of age, cultural background, disability or such, can take part in dance in one way or another.”

At Hurja Piruetti Jenny teaches

Children's classes (4 to 6 y.o.) and beginners' contemporary dance (7 to 8 y.o.)

Dance teacher, choreographer, dancer

Our street dance teacher from Sri Lanka has been an active member of the dance community in FInland for around 20 years.

“My career as a dance artist is the biggest part of who I am. Dance taught me to stand on my own two feet, and so I appreciate the value of art in life. As a teacher, my aim is to make sure I can provide my students with the tools to make their dreams come true, and to guide them in dance to the best of my abilities.”

At Hurja Piruetti Sathis teaches

hiphop, locking, funkyjazz, street competition crews, dancehall reggae, performing&techniqu, production classes

Dance teacher

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Dance teacher (BA), Turun University of Applied Sciences 2011

Emilia has been part of Hurja Piruetti since the very beginning. She started dancing at the age of 11 in Katja’s groups, and has taught classes at Hurja Piruetti since 2009. As a teacher, Emilia is patient and gentle, and encourages her students to try and find new things themselves. Choreographing is close to her heart, and she enjoys combining elements from, for example, contemporary dance with classical ballet. Currently, Emilia studies Master of Culture and Arts at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

"I am especially interested in the multiple possibilities of contemporary dance and ballet, as well the connection between dance and music."

At Hurja Piruetti Emilia teaches

contemporary dance, ballet, children’s classes, showjazz and body maintenance. In addition she is oversees the education for children under school-age.

Acrobatics teacher

Alex has 15 years of experience of working with children in kindergartens, after school clubs, and in schools as a class and substitute teacher. He has been awarded the title of a capoeira teacher by Master Marrom, and has taught capoeira for over 10 years, working with different age groups from children to adults. Acrobatics – an essential part of capoeira – Alex has been teaching for a couple of years.

In addition, Alex has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine form the school of Neijing, and is a father-of-five.

At Hurja Piruetti Alex teaches

Acrobatics, trick groups