Our dance, circus, acrobatics and other groups will start at various offices in the Raseborg area from February 1, 2021 and according to the schedule.

The large groups are divided into smaller ones and we will send the change schedules to the parties by Sunday, January 31, 2021. You can also attend our classes remotely. Please notify your own teacher of your distance lesson request no later than two days in advance.

The spring season starts with the same instructions as the autumn season. So we have already practiced and found these good. Let's continue with the same pattern!

Wash your hands as soon as you reach the exercises and after an hour
Face mask recommendation from 12 years
For parents who bring and pick up their children from exercises, we recommend using a face mask
They stay home sick and also mildly symptomatic
The request for a distance lesson will be notified to your teacher about 2 days in advance
There are also new groups in the order. Come along and start a new groups or add practice sessions at https://tanssikoulut.fi/hurjapiruetti


Let's enjoy dancing, movement and circus! Happy start to the spring season!