This weekend, Hurja Piruetti's dancers participated in the Pink Dance Stars competition in Helsinki.


Many groups took home prizes from the competition:

Duo / trio, juniors:

1st place: It's About Us - Aina Heikkinen & Noel Knaapinen (choreo: Sathis Hettithanthri)

Small groups, Adults 1:

2nd place: Conduct - Street kisa crew (choreo: Sathis Hettithanthri)

3rd place: Hetkessä - Monday's contemporary dance (koreo: Katja Köngäs)

Large groups, juniors:

Diploma: Chained to the ryhthm - Commercial III (koreo: Shanti Grönholm)

Large groups, Adults 1:

1st place: Dad, where are you? - Commercial III (koreo: Shanti Grönholm)


Congratulations to all groups and dancers!