Future - Distance

Manifold Equality


Joy is perfect together (by DAM-U team)


The DAM-U project brings together local creative talent: Youth band The Wales, vocal group SixNotes and Hurja Piruetti’s dancing youth dance groups with young videographer Linus Westerlund. The aim of the project was to create a video, in which the three dancing and musicing youth groups meet one another. The young talents developed and realised the work together with the videographer, with some extra help from Hurja Piruetti’s Artistic Director and principal Katja Köngäs, choreographer Sathis Hettithanthri, and assistant Shanti Grönholm.


The DAM-U project’s name comes from words “dans, musik, ungdomar”, that is, dance, music and youth.

The idea sparked from the corona tinted everyday and the need for local collaboration. The long remote learning period of spring 2020 proved that there is a need to do and make together, perhaps more than ever before.


The DAM-U project was funded by “Young Culture Roots” scheme Thanks to Anders Höglund, Walter Kloo, Lärkkulla (studio), Leif Wadenström, K-Supermarket Karjaa, Nuori Kulttuuri Roots. Special than you to all participants, parents and contributors who made this project possible!


Link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/YW4sgnOOnRA