Hurja Piruetti Presents - Because we cannot do otherwise

This is for all of those who share their time with the birds owning the beauty of their movement -forever. A poetical digital story by Tina Bikic Filmed, Written, Narrated, Edited by Tina Bikic Hurja Piruetti’s dancing youth worked together with the digital storyteller Tina Bikic to create a work that brings together the local milieu, and Finnish design and architecture. This work is part of Hurja Piruetti’s Sustainable development project, which began in November 2021 and continues throughout the year 2022. The location for the video shoot was Christine and Göran Schildt’s home in Ekenäs – the last private home Alvar Aalto designed. The interior design of the home is made up of Aalto’s furniture along with objects representing Mediterranean cultures. Through both improvisation and set movement, the youth got to meet classics of Finnish design and architecture. Dialogue, communication, wondering, negotiation, sensing, listening, feeling and playing in/within/with different spaces, levels and times. Dancing through. Because we cannot do otherwise.



Dancers: Marfa Rybakova, Cesar Westerholm & Lumi Lahtinen

Choreography: Sathis Hettitanthri, Katja Köngäs

Costume Design, Make-up, Hair: Tanja Stenberg

Music 1 Le Verrou de Lordat by Circus Marcus Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License

Music 2 Hidden Orchestra – East London Street (Drums Only Version) Written and produced by Joe Acheson Published by Full Thought Publishing (P) 2017

Used with kind permission from Tru Thoughts Records Ltd.

Special Thanks to Villa Skeppet