Suurlähettiläs Harri Kämäräisen tervehdys ja avauspuhe ABC´d (Art between cultures and dance ) projektille.
"Im also very happy to hear that a new online cooperation project has been launched named Art Education Between Cultures and Dance. In Finland the initiator of this project, Hurja Piruetti dance Institut, is a well established cultural institution providing basic art education in dance. They are located in the south western part of our country. Your beautiful country, Sri Lanka, is well known around the world for its ancient and rich traditions in dance, music and culture.
Dance and music are a great mean of communication. To convey a message or express your feelings, your emotions. You don’t need to master the grammar of Sinhala or Tamil and you don’t need to know the word of Finnish or Swedish. It is your body, your movements and the music that tell the story. With this universal language of dance, you can easily cross borders, overcome miles, build cultural bridges; which is so important in todays world."