Go and check the video clip in youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtmwokX3UfI

Coming together from the edges of the world. The meeting of three countries and three youth dance companies in the unique milieu of Tasmania. The goal of this project was to provide a platform for young dancers to explore issues important to them and their community. Stompin Company hosted this dance adventure on the East Coast of Tasmania for the visiting dancers from Finland and Denmark. Alongside Stompin Company the participants were immersed in a camp style program of dance classes and choreographic development with focus on cultural exchange and sitespecific movement and choreography. We hope that this project will be the start of a continued exchange and long-lasting dance network.

Film: Kalle Ranta Dance collaborators: Dansbryggeriet (DK), Hurja Piruetti (FI), Stompin Company (TAS)

Artictic direction: Gabriel Comerford, Katja Köngäs, Metter Overgaard, Caitlin Comerford

Music: Osipov Production

Sounds: Hanbaal, Tbhicba, Glaneur de sons, John Grzinich


In collaboration with The Finnish Youth Association, Svenska Kulturfonden