Goal-directed and professional education

Studies in different subjects and on all levels is goal-directed and based on style specific curriculum. The means in the institute's educational work and other activities are self evaluation, constant work with the curriculum, participation in the discussion regarding basic education in the art of dance, and international relations and projects.

  • To help the student build a positive relationship with dance as a form of sports and art
  • Create a solid base for long-term and lifelong activity
  • Offer the student adept knowledge and skills in dance
  • Support the growth of the student's own creativity and social skills
  • Develop the student's capability of long-term and goal-directed working
  • To raise human beings who respect and understand culture
  • To support the student as a part of our diverse community
  • Diversity manifests in our work for example in the bilingual education we provide for all age groups
  • To create a solid base for further studies in the field
  • To develop the local, regional, national and international relations and collaboration


The advanced syllabus of the basic education in arts constitutes of fundamental and specialisation studies. Everyone under the age of 10 are automatically undertaking studies according to the advanced syllabus. At the age of 10 a decision regarding the main and minor subjects is made.

The education is divided into main, minor and additional subjects. Our main subjects are contemporary dance, jazz and street. As the minor you may choose either contemporary dance, jazz, classical ballet, show, street, or some other dance style we offer. The additional subjects depend on the chosen major and minor, but can be either contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, dancehall reggae, DANCE- classes, acrobatics or classical ballet.

Structure of the education:

  • Early childhood education 3-6yo, preparatory class 7yo
  • Fundamental studies, carried out in approximately 6 years (8-13yo)
  • Specialisation studies, carried out in approximately 6 years (14-20yo)


The fundamental and specialisation studies make up altogether a minimum of 1300 classes (here, one class is equvalent of 45min). Out of this, the fundamental studies make up 540 classes, and the specialisation studies 760 classes.


In Hurja Piruetti, studies in the basic syllabus of the basic education in arts constitute of ten different study modules. In the basic syllabus there are no main or minor subjects. The student may choose whichever of the dance styles offered and progress within that specific style, or choose to study several styles according to our curriculum. This means that the study modules can be composed of either progressing within one genre or within a combination of various dance styles. The study modules can also be executed in the form of workshops or camps organised by the institute.

The study modules can be chosen according to the selection of suitable dance classes offered during the season. If the needed skills have been acquired in some other way, the modules can be completed without undertaking studies on the previous level. In general, the basic education can be completed in 6 years by attending one weekly class for the first five years, and 2x60min/week during the last year of studies.

The calculatory extent of the basic education in the art of dance is altogether a minimum of 500 classes (one class is the equivalent of 45min).