Hear my voice and see me… 2020:

Please hear my voice, you see me

Look ahead with me

There with you

I take root in hope, I reach forward

Without touching you, I reach out

The birth of this work is in the March scenery, when snowflakes peaked spruce branches and the future was equally foggy and foggy.

It was lucky to have musician Mari Kaasinen involved, who got excited about this special spring project and promised to compose a song for the work. Mari Kaasinen is a well-known Finnish musician and singer and a founding member of the folk music band Värttinä. The photographer walked over to the dancers. To different parts of Raseborg, Inkoo, Helsinki… Everyone had got

choose an environment that seemed relevant to itself. For all of us, the most significant thing about the project was certainly the encounter at that moment,

at a distance. The mind made a wish. The speech of Solina, the joy of seeing again, the passion and joy of doing it was touching and wonderful.

The project is part of the events of the 25th anniversary of Hurja Piruetti.