DanceMe UP: Hurja Piruetti is part of the international network of DanceMe UP, representing basic art education in dance and young dancers in the project. DanceMe UP is a project based on audience development via digital means, which aims to build an international production-oriented network of ten innovative European organizations based in Italy, Germany, Finland, France and Iceland (plus one Associated Partner from Switzerland). The word “UP” refers to the digital instrument of the APP of DanceMe which represents the important evolution of the web site; DanceMe represents a virtual space where artists present their own research to the audience, discuss and debate with each other by using texts, images, videos and music, helping the artists working with greater ease and more speed towards the creation of the final live performance. And to broaden UP the EU cultural scenario (“UP for Europe!”) deepening the levels of engagement between artists, cultural organizations and audiences in Europe both online (by using the App) and offline (by specific workshops, the residencies and the live shows).