The Government decides on a hybrid strategy to manage the coronavirus crisis and for gradual lifting of restrictions(4.5.2020).

Restrictions for the organization of basic art education are valid until 13 May 2020, after which the premises of educational institutions

can be opened for contact teaching, taking into account gathering restrictions, safety distances and hygiene instructions.

Hurja Piruettis students have participated in distance learning between 13.3 - 3.5.2020. In distance learning, we have utilized digital learning environments, training videos developed by teachers, as well as e-mail and zoom lessons.

The springshow (2-week festival) has been postponed to the fall. With the new instructions, Hurja Piruetti will offer open classes in acrobatics, children's dance, ballet, contemporary dance and street dance at the end of May from 18 - 29 of May 2020, with special arrangements. Classes are announced at our communication channels (FB, IG, emails and text messages).

There is pre-registration for the classes. The number of participants is limited. More detailed instructions will be sent to all students.
More information from the Prime Minister's Office can be found below (VNK 4.5.2020)

Plan for phasing out restrictions

Guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Department of Health and Welfare to organizers of education and early childhood education during a coronavirus epidemic (THL 4.5.2020)


Guidelines from the Ministry of education and Culture of the Department of Health and Welfare




Hi Hurjas!

A news letter has been sent out to all Hurja Piruetti students via email. Please make sure to check your spam inbox, too, just in case. The attachments are in PDF format. The news letter includes information about the online learning portals which will become available to all students.

We kindly request that the material is not shared elsewhere as they are made specifically for you! The material includes recordings of classes such as body maintenance, ballet, acrobatics, afro, floor barre, and guest teachers' choreography tutorials, as well as a variety of exercises, information and history of different dance styles (Padlet online portal).

As a bonus, a super challenge with great prizes. Go check it out!!

The news letters have been sent to email addresses provided along with class sign ups. If you have not received the news letter, please inform us of your correct email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Sometimes, the city's own email addresses and -addresses bounce back.

Hurja Piruetti's teachers wish you fruitful and rewarding moments with art and movement!

Hurja Piruetti dancers and filmmaker are ready!


 "Body Metaphors: Metaphors of mind. Tellings personal stories, creating contemporary dance identities: From body to somebody" - Tina, digital storyteller


Soon we will enjoy Digital storytelling workshop with Tina Bikic and all our DanceMe collaborators around the Europe!


DanceMe UP is a three years international project during which 10 partners will produce new dance performances by using the app DanceMe.

“DanceMe UP” supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Tina Bikic is a digital storyteller and innovative educator based in Berlin, Germany.


Hello Hurja peeps!


Due to COVID-19, Hurja Piruetti has some exceptions in place for basic art education. For the period of 16th March of 13th April, we are switching from classroom teaching to distance learning. Furthermore, the annual spring shows at Tryckeriteatern as well as participation to competitions have been cancelled. We are currently looking to organising the shows during next autumn (dates TBC).


We will provide information regarding resuming classes in April or as soon as possible. Progress in dance studies will not be impacted by the current situation, and students will continue their studies according to the curriculum utilising online platforms and self-studying. During week 12, teachers have been in touch with students providing instructions and material for distance learning. Should you or your child not have received communication from the teacher, please get in touch with the respective teacher or drop an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are monitoring government, Raseborg city and health officials’ instructions, and informing students and parents accordingly of any changes and updates.


Remember to also keep an eye on our social media platforms! During March and April, we will be posting tips on keeping healthy and moving, as well as sharing some of the distance learning progress from our students. Stay tuned!


Keep healthy, keep moving, keep dancing!



Hurja Piruetti staff



DANS JAM 1.3 at Tryckeri theatre i Karis at 5 pm

Welcome to to our international DanceJam-show. DanceJam show is based to  City of Dance-program´s dancers (from Sri Lanka), Afro-show av Edwin Mokayo, dancers own dances, and free jam on the stage. Free entry.

Western Uusimaa Dance Institute Hurja Piruetti receives international dance exchange students from Sri Lanka!

Hurja Piruetti is piloting a new exchange project, in the frame of which international dance students will get to know the Finnish basic education in the art of dance together with Hurja Piruetti’s teachers and students during the next two months. The project is carried out in Hurja Piruetti´s collaboration with Derana TV (Sri Lanka) and Lärkkulla Folk Academy (Raseborg, Finland).

The participating Sri Lankan dancers were chosen from City of Dance TV dance competition. Hurja Piruetti’s dancers will visit Sri Lanka as guests of Derana TV next autumn.

During their stay, the visiting young dancers get to know western dance art in the form of basic education in the arts. Basic education in the arts is a unique Finnish form of education. The curriculum followed at Western Uusimaa Dance Institute Hurja Piruetti is along the guidelines given by the Finnish National Agency for education, and has been approved by the local education and culture committee.

In addition to basic education in the arts, the culture exchange aims to form a firm collaboration with the local Lärkkulla Folk Academy. During daytime, the young guests will participate in English language classes at the academy, where they will also be accommodated. The dance education and projects will take place during the evenings.

”Lärkkulla has previous history of collaboration with Hurja Piruetti, mainly through its ‘Lärkkulla Musical’ course, but now also ‘Lärkkulla Languages’ is in the picture. We have observed Hurja Piruetti’s growth for a good while, and we are glad to be part of it. The Sri Lankan dance teachers will live, eat, and study English at Lärkkulla. We can teach them a lot, and we can learn a lot from them, too. Lärkkulla is and will always be interested in international collaboration. Previously, we have had some individual students from Sri Lanka, but never a group. This project is exciting and interesting also from Lärkkulla’s part.”

Juhani Jäntti, principal of Lärkkulla Folk Academy

The project’s goal is to produce a dance piece together with the young dancers. Hurja Piruetti’s own dancers and the visiting youth have been preparing the co-production since last autumn, rehearsing apart from each other. During the visit, the production will be made whole and the piece will be performed at Kajaani Dance Festival 31.1.-2.2.2020. Hurja Piruetti’s teachers Sathis Hettithantri and Katja Köngäs act as the directors of the project. Other participating parties are Derana TV’s producer Pathirannahalage Keerthi Nandana and Hurja Piruetti’s cinematographer Linus Westerlund.

”This is a fantastic and interesting continuation for Hurja Piruetti’s international journey. What makes this an especially great endeavour is the local collaboration with Lärkkulla Folk Academy, which provides a new kind of opportunity to combine language and dance studies. Basic education in arts does not only aim to study one form of art, instead, it should provide the youth with a possibility to an extensive expansion of cultural understanding. By watching, listening, experiencing and communicating. Via movement, if a common language is otherwise missing. Combining language, dance and communication has been a strong theme during the current academic year at Hurja Piruetti. Several school projects, dance-and-language projects and vast collaborations speak volumes about the local operators’ active and spry work in the culture scene. I think that here in Raseborg we are large-scale cultural busy bees”, Katja Köngäs, principal of Western Uusimaa Dance Institute Hurja Piruetti

Pic Maria Knaapinen