Hurja Piruetti autumn holidays 17.-23.10.2022.

Happy autumn holidays Hurja students!

What kind of learners are there in your group?

"When you look at a child differently, you see a different child" Dr. Stuart Shanker

Today, in the continuing education of art and primary school teachers, we focused on more diagnoses such as the spectrum of autism, e.g. asperger's syndrome and intellectual disability. During the day, we gathered movement ideas and exercises from the perspectives of special learners of different ages. Today, the stories also take you away and the objects inspire you to move.

Organized by Hurja Piruetti and Musiikkiopisto Arkipelag and funded by the The Board of Education, the third training course of the continuing education "Elever med särskilda behov inom dans- och rörelseundervisning" (students with special needs in dance- and movement education) started today in Karjaa. Specialeducation teachers Terhi Järnström and Sari Koponen lecturing today, and Ulla Koho and Katja Köngäs inspiring to get moving.

Hurja Marina was responsible for serving.

This week class classteachers, language teachers and Hurja Piruetti's dance teacher have participated in Dance language! -workshops where they got to try out how dance can be integrated into primary school language teaching.

The workshop leaders PhD student Kaisa Korpinen (Turun yliopisto) and Janna Westerlund (Hurja Piruetti) shared experiences of interdisciplinary teaching and multi-professional collaboration in the project "Dance language!" and presented video material created in the project.

The video material offers concrete tools for bodily and art-based language teaching in the lower grades of primary school and it is available on the website of the University of the Arts (ä-tansien-) as part of the research project "Embodied Language Learning through the Arts” (ELLA).

There is power in cooperation!

Today (September 9, 2022), together with the city of Raasepori and the University of the Arts, we tested the meeting technology of the new Culturehouse Fokus by organizing the Performing Arts Education Vision 2030 seminar together. The participants of the seminar envisioned and shaped the future also physically in the lobby of the cultuehouse before the afternoon information attacks. 

The seminar was implemented in cooperation with Hurja Piruetti, the city of Raasepori and the University of the Arts.

On September 7, 2022, we received the "Certificate for the sustainable development of the educational institution". The sustainable future indicators assess how the educational institution promotes forward-looking and socially reforming practices in its teaching, operational culture and management. The awarding of the certificate is based on an external assessment carried out by an auditor trained by the OKKA foundation. Länsi-Uusimaa Tanssiopisto Hurja Piruetti is the second educational institution that organizes basic art education, after Pirka's civic school, to which the certificate has been granted.

"As a pioneer, Hurja Piruetti has bravely taken on a role that other educational institutions that provide basic art education can also adopt," says auditor Kaisa Lindström in her feedback.