Hello hurja dancers and parents!

The fantastic Christmas projects have been completed and videos have been emailed the past week. A warm thank you to the dancers and teachers for the pre-filming and editing. Notify your teacher if you have not received your video via email. You should also check your spam. The teachers have with joy and warmth seen when exercises become complete video and mini-documentaries. Hopefully the atmosphere there was also conveyed to the spectators. It is good to continue from this! Happy and relaxing Christmas time to all hurjisar.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hurja Piruetti's teacher

Future - Distance

Manifold Equality


Joy is perfect together (by DAM-U team)


The DAM-U project brings together local creative talent: Youth band The Wales, vocal group SixNotes and Hurja Piruetti’s dancing youth dance groups with young videographer Linus Westerlund. The aim of the project was to create a video, in which the three dancing and musicing youth groups meet one another. The young talents developed and realised the work together with the videographer, with some extra help from Hurja Piruetti’s Artistic Director and principal Katja Köngäs, choreographer Sathis Hettithanthri, and assistant Shanti Grönholm.


The DAM-U project’s name comes from words “dans, musik, ungdomar”, that is, dance, music and youth.

The idea sparked from the corona tinted everyday and the need for local collaboration. The long remote learning period of spring 2020 proved that there is a need to do and make together, perhaps more than ever before.


The DAM-U project was funded by “Young Culture Roots” scheme Thanks to Anders Höglund, Walter Kloo, Lärkkulla (studio), Leif Wadenström, K-Supermarket Karjaa, Nuori Kulttuuri Roots. Special than you to all participants, parents and contributors who made this project possible!


Link to Youtube video: https://youtu.be/YW4sgnOOnRA

Hello Hurja dancers and parents,

For most of Hurja Piruetti's dancers, the autumn season has already ended with filming and separate projects. These groups have been informed separately. Next week there will be groups of children in Karjaa and Ekenäs. Activities in school gyms have been relocated to replacement facilities. Students have been informed on Sunday, November 29, 2020 by text message and e-mail. As a rule, all groups train according to the schedule order, but the place may have changed. If you are unsure of your own group, ask your teacher directly or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The dancers and circus artists from Hurja Piruetti have been allowed to practice all autumn and we teachers are happy about that. Continue in the same pattern and remember hand washing, safety distance and face masks. A warm thank you to the students for the fall season and in January we will continue. Registration made during the autumn season is still valid for the spring season. The spring season starts at all our locations on January 11, 2020.

STOPP ry’s (The Association of Dance Institutes in Finland) “Dance educator of the year” award 2020 has been awarded to the Sodankylä born dance pedagogue Katja Köngäs, whose school Western Uusimaa Dance Institute Hurja Piruetti operates in the Raseborg area.

Katja Köngäs has been working with art and dance education in Raseborg since 1995. The Association of Dance Institutes in Finland wants to highlight Katja Köngäs’ invigorating and engaging pedagogical work in the bilingual region, as well as the artistically ambitious national and international pedagogical projects which have, among other things, lead to Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education appointing the dance school the Finnish Young Culture Ambassador -title as a recognition for the international work with children and youth.

The awardees receive theatre industry badges of merit on Friday 27th November 2020.

Hello Hurjisar,

Hurja Piruetti's autumn letter has been sent to your given e-mail. Next week we celebrate autumn holidays (12.-18.10.2020) and do not have danceclasses.

If you have not received the information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Happy autumn to all dancers and their families!

Hurja Piruetti's teachers and instructors



The ambassadör Harri Kämäräinen sends his greetings and opens the project ABC´d (Art education Between Cultures and Dance).

"Im also very happy to hear that a new online cooperation project has been launched named Art Education Between Cultures and Dance. In Finland the initiator of this project, Hurja Piruetti dance Institut, is a well established cultural institution providing basic art education in dance. They are located in the south western part of our country. Your beautiful country, Sri Lanka, is well known around the world for its ancient and rich traditions in dance, music and culture.
Dance and music are a great mean of communication. To convey a message or express your feelings, your emotions. You don’t need to master the grammar of Sinhala or Tamil and you don’t need to know the word of Finnish or Swedish. It is your body, your movements and the music that tell the story. With this universal language of dance, you can easily cross borders, overcome miles, build cultural bridges; which is so important in todays world."