1. Participants must be 10 years or older

  2. Participant must be from Sri Lanka, or a student at Hurja Piruetti

  3. Participant may choose whichever dance style they wish

Submission requirements

  1. The submission video can be max. 1 minute in length

  2. Video must be unedited

  3. Please use copyright free music wherever possible

  4. Remember to fill in your name, phone number and email in the submission

Terms and conditions

  1. By participating, the dancer understands that they will be working together with Hurja Piruetti’s students over the course of four (4) weeks to create duets

  2. The organiser preserves the right to change the chosen music in any and all video material

  3. The organiser preserves the right to use any and all submitted videos on social media for visibility and marketing purposes

We are looking forward to your submissions, and wish you the very best of luck!